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Agra Tour: Places to Visit in Agra in Just One Day

We believe that time is precious this tour package id for those limited time in his or her tour schedule.What do you think about the Agra Tour Agra in just one day? We know that many tourists are really likes this because we can visit to all the famous tourist attractions in Agra in a day. Agra is blessed with various tourist attractions. Tourist attractions in Agra include Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri.

This amazing tour starts from New Delhi in the morning and will show you all the major attractions and local traditions of Agra in just one day. The trip also provides some shopping experiences and local tourist attractions which you can utilize for buying of Handicrafts and leather items. We ensure that you never miss any important tourist attractions in Agra.

This is a great and most interesting way to see Taj Mahal in a day from Delhi. The enjoyment of this tour nnever end up with Taj Mahal but also of the visit of Fatehpur Sikri and Agra fort in a same day trip to Agra. You can suggest either luxury train or by road from Delhi. It’s only a four hours of distance from Delhi to Agra.

Visit to India remains imperfect if this magnificent city of Agra is missed where the symbol of love Taj Mahal stands. On way to Agra, get a chance to visit Fatehpur Sikri where Mosques and monuments built with architectural brilliance will leave the tourists speechless. Apart from Taj Mahal, one should visit Ram Bagh, Kailash Temple, Chini Ka Roza ,Swami Bagh, Agra Fort, Balkeshwar Temple and Sikandra.

Important Places to Visit in Agra


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Top Adventure Tour Activities in India

India is not that much famous for adventure tour destinations in earlier times but now India is a land that has plenty to offer. With its mixed geography, this land provides dazzling options for adventure tours. In India you can enjoy your adventure tour by participating in special trekking expedition, across different trail in the Himalayas. Here, you can even enjoy adventure tour to the snow capped peaks in the Himalayas or raft down the voluble rivers in the foothills of the Himalayas. Adventure tours in India have something to offer for everyone.

Garhwal Himalays Region

These places are very attractive and give you never ending excitements. Last few years India witnessed a huge increase in adventure tour programs and adventure buffers. These adventure tour destinations gesture you to discover and enjoy the thrilling escapade sports. The joy that you can feel from Indian adventure tour destinations can never be surpassing by any other voyage in India.

Very admired adventure tour activities in India are:

Trekking: If you are one of those who hold an enthusiasm for exploring the real natural beauty close to your eyes then trekking is the best option. It’s a favorite adventure activity of many tourists. In India, trekking can be best done in Ladakh and Garhwal region. In fact these regions are measured as one of the most appreciated trekking destinations. Every season, tourists from all across the globe come here to trek and discover new range of adventures.

Camping: If you wish for to be surrounded by nature, Camping will be the best option for feeling the best adventure activities.Then Indian adventure travel packages provide various options for camping. Camping adventure in Sikkim offers a new challenge for adventure. Located in some of the loveliest meadow that you will ever see, in the foothills of Himalaya, camping in Sikkim help you study about local culture and people which you may never come transversely in your city.

River Rafting: India is one of the few nations in planet that offers a portion of the best experience tour objectives in the matter of waterway rafting. Garhwal, Sikkim and Ladakh are few goals where you can predominantly appreciate stream rafting experience. The majority of the waterways are secured with thick woods from both sides and might be the best choice to investigate the wonderfulness of the aforementioned districts in vital way.

Overwhelmed by electrifying exploit dons objectives, India is an area where endeavor games have ended up being a fundamental part of its rich society. Provided that you are really making arrangements for an exploit tour, there are a considerable hefty number of tours drivers who can order the best of experience tour bundles for tourists. Adventure tour packages in India have been on the rise and one can get the best of facilities on such tours.


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South India Temple Tours: Take it and explore its wondrous attractions

Incredible South India is amazing land bluster of affluent cultural heritage. The temples in South India are among its major attractions which never fail to confine the hearts of tourists. Take a South India temple tour and explore its wondrous attractions. Temples are all-time favorites of tourists. India is blessed with various very attractive temples. Here we would like to discuss some of the important temples in south India.


It is the capital city of Tamil Nadu with a history straddling over 350 years. From attractive temples to charming beaches, gardens, monuments and handicrafts, it has a lot to offer. Some of the well-known attractions of Kapileshwar temple, Chennai are Marina beach, San Thome Cathedral, the Government museum and Fort St. George.


It is a historic city steeped in fabulous significance. Its monolithic structures have their own exclusive charm. Dating back to 7th century this city is a home to astounding temples and monuments. Its Shore temple dating back to the 8th century is one of the oldest temples in South India. This city is a World Heritage Site with famous attractions like Cave Temples,  Arjuna’s Penance, Krishna Mandapa, Monolithic Rathas and sculpted relief and structural temple.


This town is well-known as a center for art, music and handicrafts. It is also a home to more than 70 temples. The Brihadeshwara temple of Tanjore is a World Heritage Site and attracts devotees from across the world. Its architectural beauty is beyond words so one must visit it to know how beautiful it is. It was built in the 10th century.


Madurai is synonymous with the breathtaking Meenakshi temple. The city is the second greatest and one of the eldest urban communities of South India. Spotted on the banks of stream Vaigai, this temple brags of vivid models and carvings. Complicatedly cut, this temple is devoted to Goddess Parvati. The city is moreover a core for move, music, writing and abstraction.

It is a well known natural life goal of South India. It is additionally known for tea, cafe and flavor ranches. The Periyar Lake passing by way of the asylum offers drifting office. Walk around its tea arrangements and inch toward getting invigorated to the grip.


It is well known for its winged animal asylum which is a home to a wide mixed bag of natural life. It is one of the finest winged creature asylums of India. Kumarakom backwaters are a different pull which gets vacationers here extensive numbers.


It is an intriguing goal of South India that is well known for its backwater and houseboats. Shrouded in sheer regular delightfulness, this end of the line is famously regarded as the Venice of the East.


Also called Kochi, Cochin is lovingly named as the Queen of Arabian Sea. It is the second greatest city of Kerala keeping an awesome bargain of business vitality. It brags of numerous Hindu temples for example Vadakkunnathan temple, Guruvayur Shri Krishna temple and Sabarimala temple.


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