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Ayodhya Tour Packages : Delightful and attractive Tour Packages to Ayodhya

Ayodhya – also known as ‘Saket’, ‘Awadh’ or Oudh City’ is an ancient city adjacent to Faizabad in India. According to Ramayana, the ancient city is beleived to have been founded by a person known as Manu, who was famous as the law-giver’ to the Hindu religion. Ayodhya lies on the River Ghaghara or Gogra. For many centuries, this city served as the capital to the whole descendants of the Surya Vansh where Rama was celebrated as the king. Ayodhya, being the most significant pilgrim place for the Hindu religion in India, is also the best holiest city in India.

It is the birth place of Ram, who is an extremely valuable god in the pantheon of Hindu religion. This small town attracts a large number of pilgrims from all across the country. Not only this but during some festivals or on important religious functions, many pilgrims do come to pay a visit here in this city and takes a very holy plunge in the Saryu River, which is considered highly sacred and auspicious. In ancient times, Ayodhya was also known as Kosaldesha, where in reference to the Artharvaveda, it is described as the city which is built by the gods and is prosperous like a paradise itself. It is also said that in Ayodhya there are around 7000 different kind of temples, but in reality some 100 temples have been found of the same significant. The Eldest son of Vaivastava Manu – Ikshvaku established himself successfully at Ayodhya.

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