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Golden Triangle Tour India: Explore the Cultural Legacy of India

India is very famous among tourists for its cultural legacy and historical attractions, Each and every traveler can easily explore the culture of India by taking Golden Triangle Tour which starts from New Delhi the Capital of India. Golden Triangle tour covers Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These cities are located at the same distance to each other and complete the Triangle which is called “Golden Triangle “.

These cities such as Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are well-known for its richness, traditional culture and sprinkled with numerous globe inheritance sites, monuments, contemporary architectures and other attractions.

We can check it out each city in a detail manner.

Delhi: is the capital city of India, situated in the Northern part of India, it is finely linked with all major destinations in the World by a variety of worldwide flight links. It is separated in two parts one is known as New Delhi and other is Old Delhi, speckled with astounding World traditional sites as well as modern architectures. Old Delhi reflects the splendor of history and New Delhi shows the transformation.

Agra – Agra is located in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) bordering state of Delhi, The city is blessed with one of the Seven Wonders of the World “Taj Mahal”, built by the emperor Shah Jahan in reminiscence of his much-loved wife Mumtaz Mahal – A racial symbol of Love, situated on the banks of river Yamuna. Agra consist of two world famous heritage sites that are  Agra Fort and  Fatehpur Sikri apart for Taj Mahal.

Jaipur – The Rajputana Territory is the capital City of Rajasthan State and is also called “Pink City”. Rajasthan is another bordering state of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Jaipur is very famous among all tourists, which plays important role in Indian Tourism owing it’s wealthy and legacy culture with many traditional monuments such as big castles, Forts and Palaces, various festivals and colorful dresses etc.

If you are selecting Golden triangle tour India you can explore three different cultural sites in very short time,FocuzTours  prepare Golden triangle based on the client’s needs convenience and  budget, enjoy Golden Triangle Tours India with the best Indian tour operators.


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Find the Right Travel Deal through Best Indian Tour Operators

Are you planning your next holiday vacation to India? If so, it is very important to find out the best tour operator for visiting India. India is a land of different traditions, cultures and lifestyles. So tour to India will give a wonderful experience for you. You can enjoy various tourist attractions in India.

If you look in the tourism operators’ chart in India you will come across many tour operators, who are providing wide variety of tour packages to India. If you are failing to select best tour operator among various tour operators you can’t enjoy the real beauty of India. You are also taking care of selecting tour packages. The tour package selection must be related to you mind and type of travel. One tour package can vary from another. For example, some packages are mostly focused on the striking places and travelling options of India. On the other hand, you will also find special types of adventures tour packages provided by many tour operators in India. Before fixing with any tour package or any tour operator ,you have to do is to perform a good research and find the right travelling package that fit into your needs as well as budget.

Before selecting right tour operator for travelling in India, it is very essential to recognize about the excellence of the service they provide for the customers. You should also know about the different tour packages and options they provide. One of the easiest methods of finding right deal is through internet these days.

If you really think you cannot find the right package yourself, taking the help of tour operators they can know about the places and visiting seasons very much. They will consider your needs as well as help you in choosing the right touring package that fit into your needs as well as budget. Focuztours are working in this field from long times and providing right information about India travel destination.


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South India Tour Packages – A Never Forgetting Life time Experience for tourists

Tourists are always dedicated to find out the real attractions of India in each state or town of the country. Finding attractions are very easy task if you go for south India tour because in south India you see various mind-blowing attractions each and every part of the state. The tourist can also visit various important tourist locations of south India.

In south India you can find various attractions like hill stations, sea beaches, backwaters, wildlife attractions, various festivals. The best option for tourists for exploring the south Indian attractions of the state is South India tour packages. Many tour operators in Indian provided various popular south India tour packages they are from Kerala culture tour you can enjoy the beauty of god own country, from Holidays in South India tour packages you can find various beaches and backwaters spots in south India and also you can get various tour packages like South India heritage tour, Goa & Kerala tour, south India temple tours and South India hill station tour. I will discuss here some packages detail manner.

South India is blessed with various hill stations spots. I must say south India is the perfect location for the hill station lovers. The most important hill stations in India are Horsely hills, Munnar, Coonor, Ooty , Kodaikanal and many more. The hill stations India are the great experience for tourist with its richness with natural gorgeousness and fresh atmosphere. Without any doubt I can state that the South India hill station tour is amazing voyage experience for the world’s tourists.

The important tour package under south Indian tour is amazing culture of Kerala on this tour. Kerala is known as God’s own country. As the name implies you can feel like a heaven experience from Kerala. Tourist can see the sights about culture, tradition, festivals and other enriching attractions of Kerala as well. The Kerala tour package also enables you to identify about cuisines, dance & music and other never forgetting sightseeing of the state as well.

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The Best Kerala Tour Packages from Best Indian Tour Operator

Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in India. Thousands of visitors are coming in each year. Kerala is considered as the land of green magic is a narrow; it is situated in the south-west coast of India, sandwiched between the Lakshadweep Sea and the Western Ghats.

It was created on 1956 by combining various Malyalam speaking regions. It is one of the most popular destinations in India with full of plants, rivers and boats. If you are nature lover then this place will be your favorite place. There are different tour operators in India provided assistance for your Kerala trip. Visit Kerala at least once and feel the beauty of nature.

In Kerala there are a lot of stuffs to feel and enjoy. Here you can find gorgeous nature, house boats, primordial Temples, beaches, hill stations, and wild life. Once you are in Kerala you do not need to go anywhere else to find out any other thing. It is complete package of joy. Have you ever enjoyed the house boat? I have to tell that it will be a wonderful and remarkable experience! If you are planning for another type tours you can find those type travel destination from Kerala. Kerala is the perfect destination for your all travel needs, does not matter its honeymoon, luxury or wildfire.

Kerala is also known as God’s own country. Greenery of this state is the most attractive feature for the tourists. Another importance of Kerala is it is land of Ayurveda. Kerala is most well-known destination for Ayurveda worldwide. Ayurveda is an antique medical science of India. It is around 5000 year’s old science. This is the most admired and efficient way of treatment because here is on ways to encourage health rather than just care for sickness. According to Ayurveda each human being made up of five elements. There are earth, water, air, space and fire.  You can even say that Ayurveda is the science of life.


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How to Find the Real companion Among Various Best Tour Operators in India

Choosing the right tour operator for your journey is one of the important procedures in your trip. You can choose your tour operator from thousands of online tour operators lists in India but only a small amount of travel agencies can make your trip so beautiful and memorable.

The best tour operator means not in the sense of popular brand, yes popularity is also matter. The best tour operator will always give Great assistance in your all travel needs, They provides warm and quality hotels, outstanding services from their executives for makes an efficient tour. In my point of a best tour operator must possess all.

Many of them believe that travel to foreign country does not need a large amount planning and organizing. It’s an easy process like buying tickets online, packing bags and just go to a destination without any hard efforts. I have to say its bad idea because there is high chance to lose your money, time and expectations. If you plan to visit a place and its first time especially visiting a different country then you need to take care of many things. You need to know more info about those countries socio-cultural ethos of the country being visited.

Many tour operators think that organize stay for customers is only their responsibility. Many tour operators in India are following the same. The best tour operator take the responsibility in travel and shop at the greatest destinations, but also chooses the best pace and place with the purpose that one would not have to spend to a large extent valued time searching for a respectable accommodation, or obtaining a cab at night.

Significantly they also include all the sites of tourist relaxation, the majority of which one might miss regardless of the fact one has traveled comprehensively. Thus, a best tour operator is involved to create a trip extraordinary and comfortable.

Better than deciding the tourist spots by oneself, it is a good idea for an India tour to best be left the job to a best Indian tour operator. When with a best travel company, the efforts turn into lighter. The tour operator will manages all preparation and make every effort to meet tourists expectations in to reality.

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