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Explore Chennai Tour Packages and its Attractive Tourist Destinations

Chennai, is in the Tamil Nadu state in India is a place that can be accessed quite easily. A flight to Chennai can be undertaken on any and every day in the year. The Chennai map is fairly uncomplicated and navigation around the city is something that is not too difficult. The Chennai map Google is the best map which you can consult in order to know how you can find your way about from one place in the city to another. A map of Chennai is also something you can procure from tourist agencies within the city. The city of Chennai has an efficient network of public transportation which you can make use of for your navigation purposes in the city. The buses in the city operate at regular intervals even on Sundays. There are also good taxi services which you can opt for in order to travel around the tourist destinations in a smooth and hassle free manner. The ideal time for visiting the lovely city of Chennai India is the month of December. This is the time when the weather is the city is not too harsh. The climate during this month is conducive for moving about in the open air. This is also the perfect time during which one can engage in various activities on the Marina Beach. The life on this beach is at its most vibrant state in the month of December. The December month also is the time when the Pongal festival is celebrated by the local population.

Main Attractions in the city of Chennai

Marina Beach

chennai tour packages-Marina_Beach,_Chennai

The Marina Beach is one of the largest beaches in the entire continent of Asia. It ranks among the most visited destinations in the city of Chennai. The Marina Beach covers a very long stretch. The best time to visit this beach is generally during the evening. During this time one can find people of all age groups flocking together in order to have fun at the beach. The beach is in the city centre, and can be accessed easily using the bus and the tram services in the city. No money is required in order to be able to visit the Marina Beach. Car parking is however not free and this has to be paid for. The beach is barricaded in the sense that visitors are not allowed to venture beyond a certain point. This is because the waters of the Marina Beach are considered to be very dangerous. Several people are known to have drowned after attempting to swim here. As a result, swimming is not allowed in Marina Beach in Chennai. Those who are eager to swim over here need to take permission in order to do so. Permission is generally granted to only the best swimmers. Here one can try out local sea food cooked in a typical Tamil way. Food available at the beach is quite cheap and is also safe for consumption.

Breezy Beach

chennai tour packages -beach2

The Breezy Beach is another small beach that is located in the Indian city of Chennai. This is much smaller than the Marina Beach and is particularly popular among foreign tourists. The Breezy Beach is an ideal destination for travelers to engage in swimming activities. There are life guards who are present at this beach for the purpose of preventing untoward incidents like drowning. The life guards are extremely well trained and will be successfully able to avert drowning events should these occur over here. The Breezy Beach is not located on the main road unlike the Marina Beach. The Breezy Beach is located slightly on the city’s outskirts. The best way to catch the Breezy Beach in Chennai is to use the rental car services in the city. The drivers of the rental cars are familiar with the beach and will be able to take tourists there without wasting any time at all. The Breezy Beach is a scenic destination and is indeed a perfect location where one can relax and unwind. The appropriate time to visit is the weekend evening, when it is not too crowded with tourists. The waves are particularly beautiful to watch at this point in time. Swimming however is not advisable at this beach in the evening as the waters can get quite wild during this time. The Breezy Beach gets its name from the breezy winds that blow over here at all times of the day.

Edward Elliot’s Beach

Edward Elliot’s Beach is a prime tourist destination in the Indian city of Chennai. In fact this is a place which is much visited by any and every tourist that visits the city. The Edward Elliot’s Beach is located to the south of the famous Marina Beach. This beach is also as scenic as the Marina Beach but is definitely a lot quieter. One reason for this is largely the fact that the footfall of the local population over here is less as compared to Marina Beach. The locals prefer the Marina Beach because of the exciting life that prevails on this beach. Edward Elliot’s Beach is best visited in the mornings. One can engage in a large number of activities on this beach. There are experts present at the beach that help tourists to venture out into the waters to catch some exotic varieties of fish from the Indian Ocean. Entry to the Edward Elliot’s Beach is absolutely free and one does not have to pay any money at all in order to be able to visit the beach. The scenic wonder that prevails at the Edward Elliot’s Beach is also something that makes it an ideal destination for photography. This is indeed the perfect place where you can go and take various photographs of yourself and the members of your family against a scenic backdrop. The beach is also very windy.


Covelong-Beach-Schennai tour packages

Covelong is a picturesque beachside location on the outskirts of the city of Chennai. It is situated about sixty kilometers away from the city of Chennai and is best accessed using the rental car services. Covelong at one point was primarily a fishing village. Today however it is a resort town, which is home to the most luxurious beach resorts in the entire country of India. What makes Covelong a popular destination for international travelers is the cleanliness that prevails over here. Covelong is absolutely spic and span and one cannot find even a trace of litter over here. Covelong is also a popular tourist destination because it is a stunning place, where one can partake in fishing activities. The waters of Covelong are home to some unique varieties of fish. Tourists who are interested in fishing activities are generally allowed to do so in the morning hours. Fishing is prohibited in the evening hours for several reasons. For one, there are no life guards to assist travelers when a drowning incident occurs. Secondly the fish during this time also retire to the depths of the ocean and getting some good catch is something that becomes extremely difficult during the evening. It takes about an hour and a half to travel to Covelong from Chennai. The roads are pretty smooth and the journey by car or by bus will be sure to be a comfortable one. A small amount of money may have to be paid in order to visit the beaches of Covelong.


Pondicherry chennai tour packages

Pondicherry is among the most stunning tourist destinations in the Indian city of Chennai. It is a beachside location, and is a place, liked by visitors, and travelers from all over the world. Pondicherry is an independent city. It belonged to the French as a colony during their rule in India. Pondicherry has beautiful beaches that serve as points of relaxation for travelers. The beaches are not too sandy and are quite rocky. However there are means for travelers to sit by and look at the waves or engage in swimming activities at the beaches in the city of Pondicherry. In order to reach the city of Pondicherry availing of car rental services would certainly be a good idea. A car journey is certainly very comfortable given the fact that the roads to the city of Pondicherry are very smooth. The city of Pondicherry is one that has a vibrant nightlife scenario. There are numerous nightclubs in the city that play international music on a regular basis. Entry to the nightclubs is free and the entry rules are also not too rigid. The best thing about the nightclubs in the city of Pondicherry is that the alcohol beverages over here can be purchased for meager prices. In fact alcoholic beverages in general are quite cheap to procure in the city of Chennai. There are also quite a few wonderful gourmet dining restaurants in the city that serve as an attraction for tourists.


Mamallapuram_chennai tour packages

Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram is a beachside destination near the Indian city of Chennai. This Chennai beach serves as a perfect getaway destination during the weekend for the local residents as well as for travelers to the city of Chennai. Mamallapuram is located about ninety kilometers away from Chennai city. It takes about an hour and a half to visit this city. The ideal way by which one can do so is of course by utilizing the rental car services that are available in the city. There are excellent car rental facilities which organize day trips to the city of Mamallapuram and back. The rental cars feature luxurious comfortable seats. There are also facilities like the provision for first aid in the rental cars that take tourists to the neighboring destinations around Chennai. Mamallapuram is a place which is well known for its rock cut architecture. The architecture that can be witnessed at the beaches over here date back to the ancient period in Indian history. Accessing these structures can be done upon payment of a few rupees. Separate charges have to be made for those are interested in taking photographs. The city of Mamallapuram is also home to some of the most magnificent beaches in the southern part of India. The beaches are mostly private and are very well maintained. When you visit the beaches in the city of Mamallapuram you will be awestruck by the cleanliness that prevails all around. The sand blenched beaches are perfect for sitting and lazing about all day.



There are quite a few churches which are worth exploring in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The churches in the city all date back to the period of eighteenth century. One of the most famous churches is of course the Church of St Thomas. This was named after a well known government official and is located in the main city area. Getting to this church is not at all difficult given that it is situated right in at the center of the city. This church opens at eight in the morning and stays open until seven in the evening. Such a timing applies for all the other churches in the city of Chennai as well. An idea time to visit the churches in Chennai city is in the morning hours. This is when the churches are absolutely quiet and there are very few people inside. The morning hours are a good time to go inside the churches and contemplate and pray. The likelihood of one getting disturbed is very less. The churches in Chennai city house some fabulous paintings. The paintings inside the Church of St Thomas for instance date back to the early seventeen hundreds. These were mostly imported from countries in Europe although some were manufactured in India itself. One does not have to pay any money in order to explore the churches in the city of Chennai. However donations are always welcome from visitors.

Parks and Gardens

chennai tour packages _Queensland--Theme-Park--Chennai

The city of Chennai is home to some of the most scenic parks and gardens in the entire region of southern India as a whole. There is a snake park in the city that is worth visiting, particularly for those who are travelling with large families and need to entertain their children. The snake park in Chennai houses over two hundred varieties of snakes. There is also a crocodile reserve in the outskirts of the city that houses crocodiles and alligators from different continents. The crocodile reserve is best travelled to using a bus or a taxi. About fifty INR needs to be paid as entrance fee to this reserve. Photography is always allowed and tourists can take as many pictures and videos of the inmates at this reserve as they wish to. Seal performances are also something that can be witnessed in the city of Chennai. To do so one has to venture a few kilometers away from the main city area. Tickets per person cost about 300 INR. If you are fond of witnessing wild life then the Anna Zoological Gardens is also a place which you can go and visit in the city of Chennai. These Zoological Gardens house a wide range of wild animals from tigers and hyenas to owls and raccoons. Tourists are allowed to enter this animal reserve with cameras. Feeding the animals is something that is not at all allowed. If one is caught doing so then one could be severely fined for it.


Kapaleeshwar temple Chennai Tour Packages

There is a vast array of temples which one can come across in the Indian city of Chennai. Chennai is a city that is characterized by a deeply religious fervor. As a result religious activities are very common in this city. The temples in the city of Chennai feature prayer services on a regular basis. Offerings to the gods are generally made in the morning hours. Prayer ceremonies and Aartis take place in the evening and attract tourists in large numbers. The temples in the city of Chennai are very well maintained. Some of them are even fully air conditioned. Accessing the temples in the various parts of the city can be done using the taxi services in the city. The taxi drivers in the city are familiar with the location of each and every temple and can consequently take tourists to the temple destinations without them having to run around in circles. If one truly wishes to enjoy the essence of temples in the city of Chennai then one should visit these destinations in the early hours of the morning. This is the time when the atmosphere prevailing in the temples is really peaceful. Prayers can be offered by tourists at this point in time too provide the clergy gives sanction for doing so. The Chennai temples also feature intricate art work. Many of them date back to the period of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


Shopping serves as a major tourist attraction in the capital city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The most favored product for purchase is of course saris though other traditional Indian products might also be bought. Chennai is a very traditional city and is a city that is famous for its textiles. The majority of the stores in the city are high end malls that remain open for twenty hours in a day. Stores in the city of Chennai are open even on Sundays. Malls in Chennai city are usually located in the heart of the city itself. A good time to visit the malls in the city would be on a weekday morning as the malls remain very crowded during the weekends. Products are quite reasonably priced at the high end shopping malls in the city of Chennai. Bargaining is not entertained in the malls and is something that tourists should refrain from. The beach side stores are what serve as an attraction for tourists in the Indian city of Chennai. The beach side shops sell products which are unique to the city and to Tamil Nadu as a whole. Bargaining is something that tourists can engage in when they shop from these stores. Some of the products which one can purchase from the beach side stores in the city of Chennai include bead necklaces and traditional costumes. The stores are generally run by the local people unlike the high end malls which feature stores by migrants who have moved base to the city.

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