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South India Tour Packages – A Never Forgetting Life time Experience for tourists

Tourists are always dedicated to find out the real attractions of India in each state or town of the country. Finding attractions are very easy task if you go for south India tour because in south India you see various mind-blowing attractions each and every part of the state. The tourist can also visit various important tourist locations of south India.

In south India you can find various attractions like hill stations, sea beaches, backwaters, wildlife attractions, various festivals. The best option for tourists for exploring the south Indian attractions of the state is South India tour packages. Many tour operators in Indian provided various popular south India tour packages they are from Kerala culture tour you can enjoy the beauty of god own country, from Holidays in South India tour packages you can find various beaches and backwaters spots in south India and also you can get various tour packages like South India heritage tour, Goa & Kerala tour, south India temple tours and South India hill station tour. I will discuss here some packages detail manner.

South India is blessed with various hill stations spots. I must say south India is the perfect location for the hill station lovers. The most important hill stations in India are Horsely hills, Munnar, Coonor, Ooty , Kodaikanal and many more. The hill stations India are the great experience for tourist with its richness with natural gorgeousness and fresh atmosphere. Without any doubt I can state that the South India hill station tour is amazing voyage experience for the world’s tourists.

The important tour package under south Indian tour is amazing culture of Kerala on this tour. Kerala is known as God’s own country. As the name implies you can feel like a heaven experience from Kerala. Tourist can see the sights about culture, tradition, festivals and other enriching attractions of Kerala as well. The Kerala tour package also enables you to identify about cuisines, dance & music and other never forgetting sightseeing of the state as well.

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Focuztours South India Tour Packages: Vacation at Its Best

South India is the region of India that is wealthiest in terms of tourism places in India. South India attracts most of the tourists in India as this is accomplished with natural bounties, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, pristine beaches, backwaters, hill stations and with magnificent temples. Southern region of India has what all tourists want on tour from pilgrimages to the places where they can enjoy freely like hill stations and pristine beaches.

Tourist places in Kerala

Tourist places in Kerala is one of the best tourism destinations in India. Kerala is worldwide popular for its backwaters, beaches, hill stations, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries. These are attractions of Kerala which draw tourists from all over the world. Kerala beaches are popular throughout the world as these are spread along the 900 km Arabian Sea coastline.

Backwaters of Kerala are the lifeline of the tourism in Kerala. Kerala is the only state in India which is blessed with these beautiful backwaters. These backwaters are covered with the greenery which make the tourist feel calm and cool. These backwaters fascinate the tourists with their beautiful scenic views.

Kerala temples are very revered temples in South India. These are constructed in Dravidian and unique Kerala architectural style. These temples are major draws for the religious tourists in India. Kerala is world famous for its hill stations which are covered with the natural bounties which make these more beautiful and enchanting.

Tourist Attractions Karnataka:

Karnataka is the state of South India which is accomplished with destinations that are main attractions for tourist places in Karnataka. A very long coastline, beautiful gardens, forts, monuments, famous cities are the main draws for tourists in Karnataka. Bangalore, Mysore, Hampi, Belur, Mangalore are the major cities of the state which have a complete chain of the destinations to attract tourists from all over the world.
Bangalore is the capital city of the state which is also known as the ‘Garden City’ it has very beautiful gardens which are properly manicured. Bangalore is popular for its forts, palaces and religious places. Mysore is the most famous city of the Karnataka which is popular for its palaces and this is also known as the ‘City of Palaces’. Like these two cities, other cities of Karnataka are also famous throughout the world for their different cultural and heritage sites.

Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu is the state which is worldwide famous as the ‘Temple State’ as this place is enriched with the temples revered by the followers of different Lords. This state has surprises for all kinds of people whether one is a religious tourist or simply a fun loving person. Tamil Nadu is enriched with temples, beaches, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries. This state has several destinations to travel around. Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Kamchipuram are the major cities of the state which attract tourist places in Tamilnadu from all over the world. These cities have the chain of wealthy attractions which fascinate tourists from all around the world.

Madurai is the city which is worldwide famous for its temples. This has the most beautiful temples of the state which attract tourists and inject divinity in them. Kanyakumari is the southernmost city of the India which is surrounded by the oceans from its three sides. The scenic beauty from the Kanyakumari will amaze and enchant the tourists who visit the place.


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Focuztours South India Tour Packages : Incredible options for tourists

Your South India tour will be thrilling one that is for sure. The Southern part of India encompasses the best known visiting spots like temples, hill stations, sea beaches, backwaters and rest of the lush areas. Tourists can savor all the attractions in diverse South India states viz. Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. All the states are rich with several allures which will surely leave you spell bound. To savor all of attractions, you can take the advantage of South India tour packages as well.

The Southern part of India is one the highly visited tourist destinations of the country. The region is sanctified with sacred temples which possess colossal size and creative architecture as well. Beside it you can also rejuvenate your soul at the cool hill stations of South India. You can continue the happy traveling to the palm fringed sea beaches of South India that will leave you enthralled through their charming beauty. It is not all over, the green valleys, dense forests and wildlife sanctuaries of South India are also awesome tourist places to savor. If you are willing to experience the best treasures of Southern part of India, you will have to take the benefit of South India tour packages that are:

Kerala culture tour

This tour enables you to know about the tradition, culture, festivals, dance & music and lots more about traditional Kerala. For this purpose, you can also go for Kerala city tours as well. Every Kerala city may have its own festivals and fairs as well. Some of the best known Kerala festivals are Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Thrissur Pooram, Onam, Vishnu festival and many more. Furthermore, the popular dance forms of Kerala are Kathakal, Koodiyattam, Oppana, Theyyam, Margamkali and any more. Thus the Kerala culture tour will let you know about traditional Kerala with ease.

South India hill stations tour

This tour package facilitates you to savor the charming hill stations of South India. Tourists can discover the cool places at diverse destinations of South region. Some of the well known South India hill stations are Munnar (Kerala), Ooty (Tamil Nadu), Kodaikanal (Tami Nadu), Nandi hills (Karnataka), Horsley hills (Andhra Pradesh) and many more. All the hill stations are blessed with natural beauty and pleasing vistas of green valleys and cool environment as well. Thus your South India hill stations tour would be thrilling one that is for sure.

South India temples

This tour package facilitates you to explore the enchanting temples of South India. Tourists can discover the wonderful shrines at the different destinations of South India. Few of the highly acclaimed South India temples are Meenakshi temple (Tamil Nadu), Ramanthswamy temple (Tamil Nadu), Padmanabhaswamy temple (Kerala), Guruvayoor temple (Kerala), Tirupati Balaji temple (Andhra Pradesh), Virupaksha temple (Karnataka) and many more. Visit any of the South India holy places and feel the real essence of God out there.

Thus the South India tour packages are vital options to discover the best attractions of the region with ease.


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